Course Description

Amanda Wells

Amanda has been described as a dynamic, powerful visionary and humanitarian whose passion is for people to engage their spheres of influence to bring transformation. In the spirit of charity and enterprise she is fervent about creating and finding solutions for and awakening and empowering people and entrepreneurs into their destiny.Amanda has been in itinerate ministry for over 25 years in 63 Nations. Amanda and her family attend Hillsong Church. Many have testified to being healed and also having extraordinary encounters with the Lord in her meetings.She has been involved in the inception of humanitarian organisations to find create solutions that break systemic prosperity. She passionately believes that education is the key to liberty and the change this affords will be the foundation for a successful future and transformation in a community and culture.Amanda is loved for her humour and her content rich delivery is guaranteed to leave her audiences believing they can accomplish anything, in both their personal and professional lives! She is a successful international speaker at many levels, including corporate, political and within the worldwide Christian community.Amanda has 5 books published through Destiny Image Publishing House.Amanda is also a life coach with three tiers of coaching and sits on the Australian Prophetic Council.Amanda lives in Queensland, Australia with her husband Roger, and their 2 daughters, son in law, son, daughter in law, and granddaughter.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Week 4 Time Management

    • Week 4 Time Management

  • 2

    Week 5 Why Wealth Videos and MP3's

    • Week 5 Module 5 Why Wealth Video's, Mp3's and Pdf's

  • 3

    Week 6 Module 6 Where To Start

    • Module 6 Where To Start



  • 4

    Week 7 Module 7

    • Module 7 part 1 # 1

    • MODULE 7 Increasing Sales (pdf website)

    • Module 7 Sara Blakely Story

    • Module 7 Part 1 # 3

    • Module 7 Part 1 #2mp4

  • 5

    Module 8 Social Media

    • Module 8 #1

    • Module 8 #2

    • advanced social med #2

    • advanced social media #3

    • advaned social med # 1